Introducing AAHI Fest

A new way for food stands to handle orders during festivals.
Innovative, easy, and convenient for both restaurants and customers.

What’s good about AAHI Fest?

Less work for you

Festivals can get crazy, that’s why we made things easier for you. Customers will use AAHI app to choose and place an order, all that's left for you to do now is hand them their meal when ready.

Complete solution

Meals from your festival menu are sold for full price – and if there are any leftovers at the end of the day? You can easily just offer the last portions with discount through AAHI Sell.

Process card payments

AAHI users pay through the app using credit card. You don't have to handle any payments, customers don't need cash. The first month is completely free.

Uplifted customers

What people hate about festivals? The QUEUES! With AAHI Fest, they can completely avoid the annoying waiting part about getting food. Customers order through the app, then just pick it up when ready. No more waiting.

1. Register

First, our partners need to register in the portal.

2. Present your FEST menu

Upload the festival version of your menu with full prices and set it up to get published during the festival opening hours.

3. Use AAHI Fest as a payment terminal

You now can process credit card payments and make everything go smoother. Save time and sell more by leaving the order process to us and avoid long lines of customers.

4. No leftovers

If there's still food left, but not much time, switch to AAHI Sell to start selling last portions with discount.

5. More festivals?

Once set-up, all you need to do to sell in another location is change the address and opening hours in the system.

The future of food stands is here. Up your sales, stress less, and give your customers a delicious experience without the waiting.